James W. Doyle


With summer officially in full swing, I'm excited to be preparing for a residency at Gunma University in Maebashi-City, Japan this month, to include recitals, master classes, pedagogy classes, and my own study of traditional Japanese music. Prior to my stay at Gunma University, I'm excited to study taiko in Kyoto. I was fortunate to study at San Jose Taiko years ago when I lived in the Bay Area and have recently begun researching the building of taiko drums for Adams State University. 

In early July, I'll have the wonderful opportunity to perform the Nielsen Clarinet Concerto with clarinetist Chiho Sugo and pianist Kaoru Kashiwagi as part of a chamber concert in Tokyo at Suginami Kokaido Hall, home to the Japan Philharmonic. It has been 16-17 years since I last had the chance to perform with Chiho and am honored for the invitation. 

Here's a link to the venue website bill.




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