James W. Doyle

Practice Room Essentials


Recording Device
Practice Journal or Checklists
Kitchen Timer

That's right, a kitchen timer. Preferably not a wind up, tick-tocking timer but an inexpensive, easy to use digital timer. The kind available at the dollar store for, well, a dollar.

When you start your practice session, you usually have goals to accomplish within a fixed amount of time. Set the goals, set the timer. As you practice, set micro goals and set the timer. You'll be amazed with the increased efficiency of your practice time and the focus you can keep throughout.

As a side note, set the timer for breaks as well. 

Kitchen timer... trust me, you'll love it and it will revolutionize your practice sessions. 
Your phone for a timer? No...too tempting.

What are your practice room essentials?
*my ideal practice situation pictured:

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