James W. Doyle


In an effort to make chamber percussion music more accessible to all, the Adams State Percussion Studio is embarking on a multi-year project to create several volumes of works for “portable” percussion ensemble. Young percussionists, regardless of socio-economic factors, rehearsal space availability, and instrument inventory should have the opportunity to rehearse and perform works written solely for percussion. This project intends to address the needs of percussionists of all levels and add to the chamber percussion repertoire both pedagogically and artistically.


The final product will be made available to the public via download (or print) at minimal cost, with all proceeds going to the Adams State University Percussion Studio for future projects and expenses of this project.


Volume One is intended for beginning percussionists and for percussion trio.


Each volume will include pedagogical information, annotations, and be overseen for quality, accessibility, and difficulty by Dr. James W. Doyle. The pieces will be recorded and available on YouTube for promotions and educational purposes.


For each work, composers are given specific guidance in the form a of a rubric and recommended workflow.


Adams State University percussion students are contributing to this edition and guest composers are welcome to join us!


Volume One is expected to be released by July 1, 2019.


If interested in contributing to Volume One or future volumes, please contact me!


Here are the details--note the "assignment" verbiage is intended for my students.


To view (or add to) an ongoing database of existing "portable" percussion works, click here.  


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