James W. Doyle


Recent Performances

Luna Sobre Blanca by James W. Doyle, live premiere at Yanaka Music Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich, adapted for marimba and vibraphone by James W. Doyle

Backing tracks individually pre-recorded. Read my article in the July 2017 edition of Percussive Notes regarding my adaptation process.


Stay by Jennifer Bellor

A Snare Growls, and He Flies by Shin-Ichiro Ikebe

New-Thaan by Bob Becker

Bela Bartok's "Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion" with Mia Hynes, Tian Tian, Michael Sekelsky, and James W. Doyle

 Special Guest on the @ Percussion Podcast, hosted by Casey Cangelosi

 Adams State University Percussion Videos

The Adams State University Percussion Studio Promotional Video

Concerto for Violin and Percussion Orchestra by Lou Harrison

Round for Three Muses by Andrea Clearfield

Madrigal by Steven Mackey

Technobabble by Caleb Pickering

Chou Xi by Li Tao

There Were Once by Andrea La Rose

Wah by Juri Seo

Thank a Percussionist Today, featuring Chloé Trevor


Turning pages as a percussionist has a special set of challenges. A few of my students present to you possible solutions

A Faculty Lecture Series presentation at Adams State University on the creative process, including a performance of Eugene Novotney's "A Minute of News." My performance begins at 41:00.